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WM3 World Awareness Day Ritual - The Neo-Luciferian Church [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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WM3 World Awareness Day Ritual [Apr. 7th, 2006|04:57 pm]
Neo-Luciferian Church


The 13th anniversary of the arrests of the West Memphis Three is coming up on June 3. I know that many of you support wm3.org and the Free WM3 campaigns but this is a uniquely magickal approach to the situation. I want to ask pagans, neo-pagans, ceremonial magicians, witches, and occultists of all varieties to join in this work. What I am proposing is a day long, worldwide, magickal campaign for justice. There will be no specified ritual to follow and no set time. We will agree on a statement of purpose – wording and exactly what is asked for are very important in a ritual like this – and open the window for the work at 12 am June 3, concluding at 12 am June 4. This allows each participant to practice in his or her own tradition and allows for schedule conflicts and time zones. I know many of us will be attending (or organizing) local events that night, so this will also allow us to work around that.

If you are interested in using your magick to fight for justice, to end tyranny, oppression, and superstition, and to correct this legal debacle, join wm3_ritual_plan and add your ideas.

please forward and x-post this to any magickal communities you might belong to.